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    5 Ways Events are Changing for the Largest Generation




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    Buckle up, event industry: There are over 80 million millennials impacting events as we know them. Born between 1980 and 2000, millennials are the largest generation in the country making up more than 25 percent of the population and the largest generation in the workforce. While this tech-loving, civic-minded generation seems to be shaking everything up, there are a few trends to keep in mind when planning events for millennials.

    Computers and Tablets and Smartphones, Oh My!

    Growing up during a time of rapid technological change, millennials have different behaviors and experiences than previous generations. Millennials are the first generation to align with technology, and therefore they end up adopting new technology more quickly.

    Modern devices and social media are important to millennials; they prioritize being connected at all times on several platforms. It’s critical for event professionals to communicate with millennials according to their timelines and expectations.

    Because people are so connected, response expectations have changed dramatically. Gone are the days of the 24-hour response window. The faster you respond to a client, the more positive they willview their experience with you.

    Digital Decision Makers

    Thanks to their techy tendencies, millennials are 70 percent sold on a product or service before they even contact a company.

    By the time they reach out for a product or service, millennials have already done a fair amount ofresearch. They’ve been on websites, read reviews, and probably browsed a few social media platforms. The fact that they are contacting you means they’re serious about working with your company.

    And when it comes to communication, millennials prefer typing over talking. Over 90 percent of millennials select email or text as their preferred method of communication.

    Philanthropic Values

    Millennials tend to be resourceful and philanthropic. According to Barkley research, more than 50 percent of millennials purchase products that support a cause they care about. They will pay more for an organic catering menu and they support small businesses and local products.

    “This is a generation that prioritizes giving back,” claims Cindy Walker, sales director at Mintahoe Catering & Events. “That translates into the events they plan. Brands that are notorious for donating proceeds to causes are commonly found in corporate swag bags – made from recycled materials, of course.”

    Wellness Dedicated

    More than previous generations, millennials are focused on living a healthy lifestyle. They smoke less, eat healthier, and exercise more.

    From 5K fundraisers to healthy lunch options, corporate meetings and event planners consistently encourage a healthy lifestyle. Catering menus with healthy options and dietary restriction accommodations are very popular.

    Unique Experience Seekers

    Suzi Shands, vice president of sales at Mintahoe Catering & Events says millennials favor unique experiences above traditional events. “This is a generation that systematically likes to think outside the box,” she claims. “Event planners want to give guests an unforgettable experience.”

    That usually entails a unique venue, creative menu, and unusual entertainment.

    “They host unique events in unique places. While events as we know them are changing, we love tapping into this new perspective and creating spectacular events.”


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