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Geo Fencing & wifi target Marketing!

What we offer and why it’s better. Our Network provides the cleanest smartphone device data in the U.S. which results in greater ROIs for our clients and the ability to remarket/retarget with our customized data sets, while constantly refreshing this data 24/7. We can access over 10 BILLION fresh records PER DAY making this the most accurate and Deterministic Data in the U.S. versus “Modeled Data”. We are the only company in the world, who combines this physical data with your 1st party guest social WiFi data, for a true, 1st party look at who your customers and who your competitors’ customers are - resulting in more effective campaigns at 200-400% greater results consistently, on NEW customer acquisition. And more than 15% -20% increases on repeat customers. On the following pages, we will outline why using Our Network will yield you greater results with less spend and why we believe there is a better solution to grow your hotel’s revenue and occupancy.


Interested in moving Market Share? GEO Fencing or WIFI Targeting are great tools to assist your business in accomplidhing your goals.